Emma has been a member of Cafe since 2016, when she moved to Cardiff from her home in Sweden where she played in a flute choir, and joined Cafe so she could continue playing with others. She has been playing the flute since she was 10, when despite not trying any other instruments at the music school open day because she was not well enough to go, she decided that the flute sounded fun and has been playing ever since.

Emma’s favourite memories of Cafe are the concerts, especially one Christmas concert where she won the raffle! She enjoys a lot of the varied music we play, but her favourite style of music is baroque. Emma says she practices her flute regularly…every other Wednesday night!!

If Emma didn’t play the flute she would like to try the piano or violin. When she’s not playing with us her time is spent working, studying and spending time with her boyfriend, ideally going out for coffee or lunch, or just relaxing at home.

Emma’s advice for you if you are thinking of joining us is – “Just go for it”